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Rental Application Policies

Our application policies include specific credit and reference requirements while remaining compliant with all state and federal Fair Housing Laws, Regulations, Rules and Guidelines.

Application Process:

  1. View the property- All applicants (or appointed representative) must arrange to view the unit with theproperty manager before an application will be considered
  2. Apply-
    • All occupants 18 years and older must submit an application, pay the credit check fee, provide a photo ID and sign the lease agreement. (If a guarantor is allowed for the property, the guarantor must submit an application and pay the credit check fee)
    • Incomplete applications will not be considered (i.e. blank spaces on application, missing proof of income and/or references, or providing false information)
    • Payment of application fee must be submitted with each application
    • Applications differing from advertised terms will not be considered (i.e. desired move-in date more than 15 days advertised, etc.)
    • All co-applicants must apply before an application could be considered complete
  3. Notify-
    • Complete applications are processed in order received and approved or denied in writing
    • Tenant must complete lease signing and deposit requirements within 24 hours

*Approval Requirements:

  1. Credit Review- A credit report/criminal background check will be processed for all applicants/guarantors
  2. Residential Reference Verification-All applicants are required to provide any current or past residential rental references within the last five years if applicable
  3. Income/Employment Verification-Proof of income is required. (Applicants without verifiable income additional documentation, additional references, and/or prepaid rent may be required)

*Immediate denial: Application process will not move forward if any of the below are present

  • Bankruptcy
  • Eviction(s)
  • Judgments or liens
  • Unpaid collections of $1,000 or more
  • Poor or non-verifiable rental reference
  • Any current or previous landlord debt
  • Income level below 2.75 times market rent
  • Incomplete application
  • Criminal record

*Possible denial:

  • Unpaid collections without proof of payment
  • Excess of two 30-day late payments with any creditor
  • Rental reference reporting any late rent payments or insufficient funds, damage to previous unit, outstanding balance, noise or nuisance complaints
  • High debit to income ratio or non-verifiable income

All properties are non-smoking
Some properties may allow pets (with restrictions and upon owner approval) for additional rent/deposit