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Alta Vista Properties Move-Out Guide

As you begin to prepare for your move, we would like to review our move-out process with you. This information is designed to help alleviate any unexpected charges to your security deposit as well as keep you informed of the process going forward.

Advertising and Showing Your Unit

After you have given your notice, we will begin to advertise your unit. We will need to show the unit to prospective tenants, and will contact you to coordinate any showings.

Cancel Automatic Rent Payments

After you make your final month’s rent payment, cancel any automatic payments you have scheduled through your bank or your online portal with Alta Vista Properties, Inc. Your security deposit cannot be applied to your final month’s rent.

Return All Keys, Remotes, Fobs & Parking Passes

All keys, etc. must be returned to our office on the day of move-out. If returning afterhours, place all items in an envelope marked with the property address and drop into front door mail slot. Do not leave keys, etc. in the unit! Any delay in returning such items may result in continued rent charges to your security deposit. Lost items may result in replacement and/or rekeying locks and all associated costs will be charged to your security deposit.

Security Deposit Refund

Complete and sign the Alta Vista Move-out Process form along with the Notice of Resident Option Form (both of which will be mailed to you) and mail to our office or email to Please note, we have up to 21 days to mail your security deposit itemization. If the unit is not returned in move-in condition, the charges will be reflected in your security deposit refund. We will send one refund check (if applicable) to one forwarding address. Please provide forwarding address.

Cleaning & Repairs

Prior to your move-in, the unit (including carpets) will have been professionally cleaned to a reasonable standard. At your move-out, the unit (including carpets) must be cleaned to the same reasonable standard. If we determine the expected standard has not been met, the unit and carpets will be professionally cleaned by Alta Vista Properties, Inc. and charged to your Security Deposit. Cleaning is not normal wear and tear.

Large holes in walls need to be repaired to match the existing drywall and paint. Typical repairs in this area are from wall mounted televisions. If any repairs are not acceptable, Alta Vista Properties, Inc. will repair and charge your security deposit.

The property must be returned in the condition received. If it is not, the tenant will be responsible for all costs and expenses necessary to repair, restore, or otherwise return the Property in the condition existing at the time the Tenant moved in, with the exception of normal wear and tear. This includes, but is not limited to: Carpets, Paint, Blinds, Flooring, and Appliances.

The garbage disposal and kitchen drains were checked for proper operation prior to your move-in. The same inspection will be performed at move-out and you will be responsible for any fees to repair or clear drain lines/garbage disposal.

All bathroom drains were checked for proper operation and any collection of debris in drain line traps was cleared prior to your move-in. The same inspection will be performed at move-out and you will be responsible for any fees to repair or clear drain lines.

Remember to shut off all utilities to prevent further billings in your name.

Light Bulbs
All light bulbs were checked and matched to other bulbs in same fixture. Upon vacating, all bulbs must be in working order and consistent in type.

Satellite Dishes
You are responsible for removing any satellite dish that you had installed. In addition, you are responsible for roof repair and any other damages that are a result of the installation or removal of a satellite dish.

Please review the Tenant Move-Out Cleaning Checklist to ensure that your unit meets our standards for move-out. We certainly hope this is the first step to an easy move for you.

Please let our office know if you have any questions at 858-274-3600