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Alta Vista Properties Move-In Guide

As you prepare to move into your new home, please use this guide to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Security Deposit & Tenant Portal

Once you have signed your lease and all accompanying documents, you will be notified to set-up your Alta Vista Properties tenant portal, where you can pay your security deposit online. If you would prefer, or if you’re required to pay your security deposit by check, please deliver cashier’s check or money order to our office on same day of lease signing.

All units remain available to other applicants until your lease is signed and security deposit has been paid.


Please refer to section 9 of your lease regarding tenant utility responsibility to determine which utilities need to be put into your name. In some cases, your responsibility for the bills does not indicate that you need to contact the utility regarding the billing. Some units require utilities to remain in owner’s name and charge the tenant once bill is received. Information regarding utilities can be found on our website.

Pro-rated Rents or Fees

Prior to or at the time of your key pick-up, all pro-rated rent and fees must be paid. You can pay online through your tenant portal or by check payable to Alta Vista Properties, Inc.

Renter’s Insurance

Proof of renter’s insurance must be received by our office on or before your lease start date. Alta Vista Properties, Inc., as well as the owner of the property you are renting, must be listed as additional insured on your policy. We are unable to release keys without proof of insurance with a minimum $100,000 liability coverage.

Alta Vista Properties, Inc. is not responsible for the quality of benefits in your policy nor any costs incurred if your policy is not kept in good standing. We recommend making sure you have adequate coverage for your needs should an emergency occur where you need to vacate for a period of time. Please see lease section entitled Temporary Relocation for more details.

Renter’s insurance can be obtained through your auto insurance carrier or companies specializing in renter’s insurance alone. Alta Vista Properties, Inc. has a relationship with Lemonade insurance in which a referral fee is paid. Visit Lemonade for more information and a quote.

Schedule Key Pick-up Appointment

Please contact our office to schedule your key pick-up appointment. You will need approximately 15 minutes for this appointment. We will review your keys, access, and instructions for your checklist. Our office hours are 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays. As a reminder, any prorated rent due and proof of renter’s insurance must be received by our office prior to, or at key pickup.

HOA Move-in Procedures

If applicable, please review all HOA move-in procedures in your packet and contact the HOA for any questions regarding your actual move-in. Some HOAs charge move-in and move-out fees and you are responsible to pay those fees directly to the HOA. If your packet contains a registration form, please return the completed form to our office on or prior to key pick-up. Please pay any move-in fees directly to the HOA.

Return Move-In Packet

During your key pick-up appointment, you will receive a Move-In Packet noting the condition of the rental property at the time of move-in. It is your responsibility to inspect your unit for any additional damage and return the signed packet within 7 days. You will receive a copy of the packet when it is returned to Alta Vista Properties.

The Move-In Packet is an important part of the security deposit process. Be sure to go through your unit room by room and note any damage (ex: holes in a wall.) If you do not return the checklist, you are verifying the condition of the home as noted by Alta Vista Properties. You will be held responsible for any damage not noted by Alta Vista Properties.

Please let our office know if you have any questions at 858-274-3600.